Training curriculum as per the new PMP exam format 2021

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What is PMP Certification?

PMP certification is a globally recognized and internationally accredited project management certification for project professionals. Aligned with the PMBOK® v7 New EXAM 2021, this PMP certification training program comes with a host of learning aids including practice tests and in-depth video lectures. We offer interactive classroom training, exclusive live online classes and self-paced online learning as choices allowing professionals to find their best fit.

Why should I get PMP certification? What’s the scope and job market?


Project professionals holding a Project Management Certification have 40% more chances of getting better pay than their non-certified PMP contemporaries.


According to Forbes, there are going to be 15 million new project management jobs by the year 2020. The demand for PMP certified professionals has increased by over 35% in the past few years.


The average salary of project managers holding PMP is $109k.

     Modes Of Training

Key Features

  • Live Online Classroom Training for PMP Certification. We are a REP (Registered Education Provider) of PMI, we assure you the standards.

  • Live Training – You Can Interact with the Trainer and Ask Questions Real-Time.
  • Get 1 Year E-learning Access with High-Quality Audio-Video Lectures

  • 1000+ Mock Exam Prep Questions and Get Live Class Recordings Post Training Life Time Access.

  • Get 35 Contact Hours training certificate from Events Info Group and apply for the Exam.

  • Application Assistance and 1-year Live Support Post-Certification training

  • The PMP® delivers value far into your career so it’s worth the time, money, and investment.

  • Best Price Guaranteed in the Training Industry. Trained Over 26000+ Delegates Globally.


Key Features

  • 4 Day Expert-led Classroom Training for PMP Certification . We are a REP (Registered Education Provider) of PMI.

  • Get PMI-PMBoK® 6th Edition Hard Copy Guide with Events Info Group PMP Training

  • Get 1 Year E-learning Access to High-Quality Audio-Video Lectures

  • 1000+ Mock Exam Prep Questions

  • Earn the 35 Contact Hours training certificate from Events Info  Group to apply for Exam.

  • PMP Exam Application Assistance and 1-year Live Support Post-training

  • The PMP® delivers value far into your career so it’s worth the time, money, and investment.

  • Best Price in the Training Industry. We’ve Trained Over 15000+ Delegates Globally.

Things You Will Learn

Module 1 - Introduction To PMP®

  • What is PMP® & PMI® 
  •  Introduction PMBOK® Guide (Project Management Body of Knowledge)
  •  PMP® Exam Syllabus
  •  PMP® Exam Format
  •  PMP® Exam Syllabus
  •  Introduction to Project Case Study
  •  Introduction to Project Management Templates

Module 2 - Project Management Framework

  • What is a Project?
  •  What is Project Management? 
  •  What is Program Management?
  •  What is Portfolio Management? 
  •  Project Management Office
  •  Project Constraints
  •  Stakeholder Management
  •  Organization Structure 
  •  Project Lifecycle vs Product Lifecycle
  •  Organizational Process Assets
  •  Enterprise Environmental Factors 
  •  Mock Test

Module 3 - Project Management Processes

  • Common Project Management Process Interactions 
  •  Project Management Process Groups
  •  Initiating Process Group
  •  Planning Process Group
  •  Executing Process Group 
  •  Monitoring and Controlling Process Group
  •  Closing Process Group 
  •  Role of the Knowledge Areas
  •  Mock Test

Module 4 - Project Integration Management

  • What is Project Integration Management? 
  •  The Key role of the Project Manager Project Team and Project Sponsor
  •  Project Selection Methods
  •  Develop Project Charter 
  •  Develop Project Management Plan
  •  Direct and Manage Project Execution 
  •  Manage Project Knowledge 
  •  Monitor & Control Project Work
  •  Perform Integrated Change control 
  •  Close Project or Phase
  •  Mock Test

Module 5 - Project Scope Management

  • What is Project Scope Management?
  •  Plan Scope Management
  •  Collect Requirements
  •  Define Scope
  •  Create WBS
  •  Validate Scope
  •  Control Scope
  •  Mock Test

Module 6 - Project Schedule Management

  • What is Project Schedule Management?
  •  Plan Schedule Management
  •  Define Activities
  •  Sequence Activities
  •  Estimate Activity Duration
  •  Develop Schedule
  •  Control Schedule
  •  Mock Test

Module 6 - Project Schedule Management

  • What is Project Schedule Management?
  •  Plan Schedule Management
  •  Define Activities
  •  Sequence Activities
  •  Estimate Activity Duration
  •  Develop Schedule
  •  Control Schedule
  •  Mock Test

Module 7 - Project Cost Management

  • What is Project Cost Management?
  •  Plan Cost Management
  •  Estimate Costs
  •  Determine Budget
  •  Control Costs
    • Earned Value Management
  •  Project Selection Methods
  •  Mock Test

Module 9 - Project Resource Management

  • What is Resource Management?
  •  Motivational Theories
  •  Plan Resource Management
  •  Estimate Activity Resources
  •  Acquire Resources
  •  Develop Team
  •  Manage Team
  •  Control Resources
  •  Mock Test

Module 8 - Project Quality Management

  • What is Quality?
  •  What is Quality Management?
  •  Cost of Quality
  •  Introduction to Quality Tools
  •  Plan Quality Management
  •  Manage Quality
  •  Control Quality
  •  Mock Test

Module 10 - Project Communications Management

  • What is Communication?
  •  Communication Methods Technology & Channels
  •  Basic Communication Model
  •  Plan Communications Management
  •  Manage Communications
  •  Monitor Communications
  •  Mock Test

Module 11 - Project Risk Management

  • What is Risk?
  •  Plan Risk Management
  •  Identify Risks
  •  Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
  •  Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
  •  Plan Risk Responses
  •  Implement Risk Responses
  •  Monitor Risks
  •  Mock Test

Module 12 - Project Procurement Management

  • What is a Contract?
  •  Types of Contracts?
  •  Plan Procurement Management
  •  Conduct Procurements
  •  Control Procurements
  •  Mock Test

Module 13 - Project Stakeholder Management

  • Identify Stakeholders
  •  Plan Stakeholder Engagement
  •  Manage Stakeholder Engagement
  •  Monitor Stakeholder Engagement
  •  Mock Test

Module 14 - PMP Examination Tips

  • Do’s and Don’ts in the Examination
  •  Important topics to focus for the Examination preparation
  •  Formulas to know for the Exam
  •  Tricks for taking the PMP Exam
  •  Common errors and pitfalls
  •  Professional and Social Responsibility

PMP® Sample Certificate


1. How do I find my PMI® ID number?

You receive your PMI® ID number, also known as your Member ID, when you apply for the credential exam or when you first become a PMI® member. You use this number to report PDUs.

2. How do I find my certification (PMP®, CAPM®, etc.) number?

Your certification number is shown on the certificate as the PMP®,Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)®, Program Management Professional (PgMP)®, PMI Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP)® or PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP)® number.

3. When is the earliest I can start earning PDUs after I earn a credential?

You can start earning and reporting PDU activities as soon as you earn a credential.

4. When reporting PDU activities, is any supporting documentation required?

You do not need supporting documentation to report PDUs and renew your credential. You should complete the online Activity Reporting Forms in the appropriate amount of time and submit the Self-Directed Learning (SDL) worksheet for your reported SDL activities.
NOTE: PMI® recommends you maintain a personal folder for all PDU-related documentation and keep this documentation for at least 18 months after your CCR cycle has ended. If you are randomly selected for an audit, you will need to provide this documentation.

5. I participated in an activity in which only part of the program focused on project management. How do I determine the number of PDUs?

In this situation, you should estimate the percentage of time that was directly relevant to project management. For example, a 15-hour course deemed 50 percent relevant would earn 7.5 PDUs. Be prepared to justify your estimates in the event that you are selected for audit.

6. Do I need to submit a separate Activity Reporting Form for each activity during a multiple-day event?

No. You may submit one Activity Reporting Form for the event, which covers the total number of PDUs. However, you should mention the individual activities under item two, “Program/Activity Title.”

7. How do I determine the program number for chapter events under Category 3?

The program number would be in the format XXXX-XXXXXX, where the first four digits are the chapter’s provider ID number, and the last six digits are assigned to each activity by the component. Generally, chapter ID numbers begin with “C”
NOTE: If you attend a class given by a PMI® Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.), the number is the same as the R.E.P.’s ID number.

8. How do I know if a course or seminar is sufficiently related to project management?

You may assume that courses offered by R.E.P.s are related to project and/or program management. If a course does not appear to be related, please notify PMI® at once. If you are reporting attendance at a non-R.E.P. program or a self-directed learning (SDL) project, please use the process areas of the PMBOK® Guide as a reference to qualify project management topics.

9. If I make the same presentation to multiple audiences, can I earn PDUs for each presentation?

Yes. The activity would be claimed under Category 2C, “Speaker on a Project/Program Management Topic.” The only qualification is that the program must be delivered to a new audience each time you present it.

10. Where do I get the Application for Certification Renewal?

Once you earn and report the appropriate number of PDUs required to maintain your credential, PMI® will e-mail a PDF of the application and a link so you can complete the renewal process online. If you do not wish to complete the process online, you can download and print out the PDF, complete it, and send it by postal mail with the appropriate renewal fees included.
Applications sent by fax will not be accepted.

11. If I do not renew at the end of my next cycle, can I get a refund?

If you continue an active certification status for the entire duration of your certification/CCR cycle-3 years-you will not be given a refund.

12. Does PMI® offers an installment or yearly payment plan?

At this time, the renewal process cannot accommodate partial payment options. In the future, PMI® hopes to accept a variety of payment schedules.

13. Can I get an extension beyond the suspension expiration date?

PMI® recognizes that hardships may arise. Credential holders who are military personnel called to active duty, incapacitated due to illness or out on maternity leave can request an extension.

14. I have retired from the project management profession. How do I end my certification?

Please send a written request to PMI®‘s certification department. Your certification will then be marked non-active. PMP® credential holders with 10 years of good certification standing may qualify for the PMP®-Retired status.

15. Can I complete PDUs during my suspension period and apply them to my recent CCR cycle?

If you complete required PDUs during the suspension period to meet your CCR, you will be able to renew your credential.

16. Will newer PMI® credentials dilute the PMP® or other established PMI® credentials?

No. PMI®‘s credentials reflect different roles in project and program management, and therefore, are suitable for different candidates. The certification web pages and credential handbooks can help you determine which credential is right for you.

17. What are the Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) for PMI® credentials?

PMP® – 60 PDUs during 3-year cycle
PgMP® – 60 PDUs during 3-year cycle
PMI® -SP – 30 PDUs in project scheduling in 3-year cycle PMI® -RMP – 30 PDUs in project risk management in 3-year cycle CAPM® – renewal through re-exam at the end of 5-year cycle

18. How can I maintain several credentials at once?

You can align your PMP® and PgMP® certification cycles and maintain both credentials simultaneously. You can also apply PDUs earned for the PMI®-SP and PMI®-RMP to the PgMP® or PMP® credentials. Refer to the credential handbook for full details.

19. Does this new fee override the existing policy which penalizes me if I cancel my exam within two days of the appointment?

No. The existing policy still applies. It states that you can cancel your exam within 2 days of the appointment. However, you will not be able to reschedule it at this point and you will forfeit the entire exam fee. If you are still within your eligibility period, you can schedule another exam appointment but you will have to pay the reexamination feesNo. The existing policy still applies. It states that you can cancel your exam within 2 days of the appointment. However, you will not be able to reschedule it at this point and you will forfeit the entire exam fee. If you are still within your eligibility period, you can schedule another exam appointment but you will have to pay the reexamination fees

20. What is the new online Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) System?

The new system, CCRS, facilitates PMI®‘s CCR program. PMI®‘s credential holders can use CCRS to complete these credential maintenance tasks:
1. Report professional development units (PDUs) online for multiple PMI® credentials
2. Search activities (courses/events) that award PDUs
3. Search for activity (course/event) providers including PMI® Registered Education Providers (R.E.P.s) and components
4. View and print PDU transcripts

21. Do I need a special username or password to use CCRS?

No. You will use the same username and password that you use to access www.PMI .org. CCRS uses PMI® single sign-on technology, which enables you to log in only once to gain access to all PMI® systems and resources.

22. I am a credential holder, but I have never registered with PMI®. What process do I follow to use CCRS?

You need to register with PMI® before using CCRS. During the registration process, you will link your PMI® ID with your new PMI® registered user account. Follow these steps when you register with PMI® to avoid creating a duplicate account.
Step 1: Access CCRS at <https://ccrs.PMI .org/>  and select “Log In”.
Step 2: Select “Click here to Register” link to continue.
Step 3: Read the information to determine the correct registration option.
Step 4: Follow the instructions to check your account information and to create a username and password.

23. Where do I find detailed instructions for using the new CCR System?

CCRS features a comprehensive online user guide. You can view the user guide in the Additional Resources panel at the right side of the CCRS website.


Education Project Management Experience   Project Management Experience
Nongraduates 5 years/7500 hours 35 hours
Graduates 3 years/4500 hours 35 hours



  • Associate Project Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Project Coordinators
  • Project Analysts
  • Project Leaders
  • Senior Project Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Program Managers
  • IT Project Managers
  • Project Sponsors
  • Project Team Members seeking PMP ® or CAPM ®

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